Gmasking Resins Mask Replica (Coffee) And Gmask Helmet Keychain

Gmasking resin mask replica and helmet

Product Description

The mask is made out of high grade resin with flexible size designed to fit most heads.

It is hand-made made from the perfect workmanship with vivid painting.

The mask is comfortable to wear and it has no smell.

It is perfect for costume parties, masquerade parties , Halloween and carnivals.

Product Features and Information

Item weight is about 320 g.

Type of material of the Hannibal Lecter mask is resin.

The package comes with a one Gmasking coffee resin Hannibal Lecter mask and one Gmask helmet keychain.

The mask is a good investment if it is being used for decorative purposes or for wearing. It comes in a shade of brown color and does not look like the real mask from the film because the actual mask has a metallic look.

It is however, a good replica of the actual mask.

Occasionally, one may experience some pain when wearing the mask, but this can be lessened by padding using cotton balls.

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