Gmasking Resin Hannibal Lecter Mask Replica (Black).

G-masking resin mask

This Gmasking Hannibal Lecter mask is made out of resin. The black resin Hannibal Lecter masks are made from high grade resin made with better workmanship. They contain vivid paintings that are hand-made. The mask is good for wearing to Halloween parties, carnivals, costume parties, New Year’s Eve party and masquerade parties.

The mask has an item weight of 320g with the brand name of the mask being Gmasking. Its color is black. The package includes a one Gmasking black resin Hannibal Lecter mask and one Gmask helmet keychain. The item weight is about 14.9 ounces and the shipping weight is 1.3 pounds. The material of the mask is very nice and sturdy even though the mask fits tightly around the nose.

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