Hannibal Audio-Book III: Hannibal


Hannibal’s audio-book cover

This audio-book is based on the 3rd book of the Hannibal series, written by Thomas Harris.

Audio-Book Details

The Hannibal audio-book has been narrated by Daniel Gerroll.

It was published by Random House Audio in and released in 2012.

The audio version is unabridged with a listening length of 12 hours 37 minutes.


It has been seven years since Dr. Hannibal Lecter escaped the mental hospital. Since then, he has been living a good life, assumed a new identity and refrained from killing people.

Despite his resolutions, Mason Verger, an Italian cop and Clarice Starling are searching for him. Verger is a wealthy man who happened to be Lecter’s psychiatrist patients but ended up being his 6th victim. He is currently in a critical state at the hospital but still seeks vengeance from being tortured and maimed by Lecter. He therefore sends his men to attack but Starling realizes and saves him.

Later, the listener is treated to a shocking end of Hannibal Lecter and agent Starling falling in love and disappearing together.

The audio is not a disappointment. The narrator knows how to mimic the different voices of his characters. The dramatic pauses and tonal variation styles makes it interesting.

Completely no boredom.

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