Hannibal Audio-Book I: Red Dragon

Red Dragon audio book cover

This audio-book is based on the first book of Hannibal series written by Thomas Harris.

Audio-Book Details

The audio book has been narrated by Alan Sklar.

It was published by Simon and Schuster and released in 2012.

It is an unabridged version lasting for 12 hours and 6 minutes.

Plot Summary

The narrator introduces the listeners to the main antagonist, Hannibal, a cannibalistic serial killer and a brilliant psychiatrist.

The FBI agent, Jack Crawford, needs to find a notorious serial killer nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy” and whose real name is Francis Dolarhyde. To make this mission a success, he has to seek help from the greatest special agent, Will Graham, who has resigned because of being almost killed by Hannibal.

Dolarhyde works at a film processing lab making him able to access his victims by studying the movies they watch. He stalks his victims for a couple of hours, kill them and discard their bodies in the river. By the help of Dr. Hannibal, Graham is able to understand the mind, brain and psychology of the serial killer.

The audio-book is awesome considering that the narrator is able to capture the attention of listeners. He makes great use of dramatic pauses, tonal variation and voice characterization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After purchasing the audio, how do I go about listening to it?

A: If you do not have an Audible app installed on your phone, you have to download it. Audible app is supported by various operating systems such as iPhone, windows phone and android or on a computer. You may also consider using the Audiobooks tab available on kindle fire.

Q: What is the difference between abridged and unabridged audio version?

A: The abridged version that the audio-book has been shortened by omitting some parts for various reasons, although it will still make sense. Unabridged version is not shortened and has retained its original content.